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Geology students in the field

The Natural History of Southern Ohio and Appalachia: The Environment and its Documentation

Instructors: Erik Larson, PhD; Logan Minter, PhD; Sarah Minter, PhD

The Natural History of Southern Ohio and Appalachia is deeply rooted in its biological diversity and the underlying geology. During this course, students will have an opportunity to learn about, explore, and document this unique biology and geology while engaging in a mixture of hands-on classroom, lab, and field experiences in parks and preserves in southern Ohio. Students interested in the outdoors, and understanding their natural environment should take this class.

Game Programming & Coding

The Game Programmer: Turning your Video Game Ideas Into Reality

Instructor: Jason Witherell

In this program, we’ll explore the use of a popular open-source game engine (GoDot) and 2D image creation / editing tools (InkScape and Gimp) to make working 2D video games from the ground up.  We’ll start with the basics – prior programming experience is a plus, but not required. Over the course of the program we’ll explore simple physics, artificial intelligence, input processing (keyboard, mouse, gamepads), animation, and much more, all from a programmer’s point of view.  This course is great choice for students considering a major in computer science or other STEM fields.  As an added bonus, all of the software we use in the program will be available for students to use at home after the camp!


Business & Marketing Adventure

Instructor: Jason Lovins, PhD

Prepare for an exciting hands-on expedition into the world of business and marketing as we learn how inventions and services today are being launched into the marketplace, why some fade quickly from memory while others succeed in ways never believed possible. Students in this course will learn how ideas become reality, how simple sketches on scraps of paper (or on a digital tablet) can become a household name in goods or services. Using real models and team-building activities, students hear the stories of real, successful business leaders, then take their advice and build group projects of their own. Through this course students will exercise their creativity and learn how the dreams of today can build strong, profitable businesses in the future.

Performing Arts

Voice, Dance, Theatre & Sound Production

Instructors: Stanley Workman, PhD – vocal; John Huston, MFA – theatre; Summer Logan, MFA – dance; Michael Barnhart, PhD – sound production

Students enrolled in the Performing Arts Honors Institute will participate in acting, dance and vocal classes by current professional SSU Musical Theatre program faculty. Students will immerse themselves in a fast-paced professional training program designed to prepare them for collegiate and professional performance careers. Participants will engage in stage movement, jazz and tap dance classes, scene studies, vocal health, performance preparation, audition techniques, character analysis, and much more. On the final day of the Institute, Musical Theatre students will present a stage performance of repertoire, solo and ensemble materials.


The Intersection of Math & Art

Instructor: Linda Hunt, PhD

This course is designed to expose students who share a common love of learning and passion for mathematics and art to the beauty of advanced mathematical ideas and to new ways of thinking. Live and breathe mathematics that is fascinating, deep, difficult, fun, mysterious, abstract, interconnected– whether for a possible career in math and science, for math competitions, or just for yourself. Students will construct platonic solids, semi-regular polyhedra, pyramids, prisms, cylinders, etc., then create a mobile with the solids, discover the math in Origami, Geoboard String art, and create a mobius strip. Students will visit the Huntington Museum of Art to discover math in art and the world around us.

Health Sciences

The Real World of Health Sciences

Instructor: Amy France, Jean McGlone, Roberta Zaph

This course is designed to introduce students to the real world of health sciences through an exciting hands-on exploration into health science majors and careers. Participants will experience a variety of health sciences programs including Nursing, Respiratory Therapy, Bio-Med, Med-Lab, Radiology, and more. This class with give you an introduction to what a health care professional does on a daily basis.  You will learn how to take vitals, learn proper handwashing techniques, and fun with sputum.  Is a health science career right for you? Join us and find out.

Political Science

Political Theory & Practice

Instructor: Thomas Bunting, PhD

Political science is a field of study dominated by big questions—what is the good life? What is justice? What is the relationship between justice and power? What is the best form of government? This program examines these questions to understand both the theory behind political forms as well as how politics unfolds in practice. In this program, students will encounter some of the canonical answers to these questions from thinkers like Plato, Machiavelli, and the Founding Fathers. We will then look at how these theories animate government in America at the local, state and federal levels. This program is a good fit for students interested in politics, public policy, and political philosophy.

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