When Kaitlyn Treece was a young middle school student, she picked up her parents’ camera and began taking photos around her house. When she realized, she had a passion for photography, she decided to make it her entire life. Now, Kaitlyn is an alumna of Shawnee State University with a bachelor degree in Studio Arts, concentration in photography, and two minors in business administration and entrepreneurism. With all of her learned experience and professionalism, she was able to open up her own business called “Kaitlyn RebeccaPhotography.”

“The photography professor I had, Mark, was really invested in his students and cared about the work I did.He really knows his stuff and he’s really good at teaching it, thoroughly, even down to how to wrap up the cords of the strobe lights and stuff in the studio. He’s really detail oriented. He was also really interested in my client work outside of class. I could come into the studio at the school and show him some of the wedding photos I have taken or if I had something I needed to edit out of the background of a photo and I wasn’t sure how. If I was just excited about a shoot I did I would come in and show him and he would be excited for me.”

Although Kaitlyn has already graduated, she still visits campus when she can to stay involved with the campus ministry. Within this club, she made a lot of friends who became family which truly impacted her experience.Although Kaitlyn had a natural talent for photography, attending SSU to expand her knowledge truly helped her to excel within her career.

The environment on campus was perfect for Kaitlyn, not only was her college career extremely informational within her program, but it also helped her to understand more of what she is passionate about and how she could make a career out of her love for photography.