As an alumna, Mollie McCain recently graduated and began her career directly after graduation as a preschool intervention specialist. She grew up in Portsmouth and is honored to work within the same school district that she graduated from. Mollie has a passion for working with children and with her experience gained from Shawnee she is well prepared to step into the classroom as a certified teacher.  

“I wanted to work with kids with disabilities because a lot of the time they’re misunderstood. Through the professors I’ve had in the department, I think that they’re great about pushing us to see our kids as humans first rather than a name on a piece of paper and their Individualized Education Program (IEP).”  

When you join the intervention specialist program you are required to participate not only in the classroom but also by going into the field and doing fieldwork such as working with students directly in the classroom and learning from your cooperating teacher. While in the classroom, the professors thoroughly go over important information whether that be a psychology course or a course to fill hours within the reading requirement. Mollie is working toward her dream to work in a classroom that is strictly only IEP students, focusing on students with disabilities who are commonly overlooked.