Jade Spriggs is preparing to graduate with a degree to move forward with her education, take her board exams, and work as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. When looking for a college to attend she wanted something that wouldn’t break the bank, but also allowed her to work in the medical field and help others. Her experience at Shawnee State has truly been enjoyable and her feeling of accomplishment is overwhelming.

“Pick something you’ll love twenty years down the road, don’t just pick something you’re interested in now. Find something you’re passionate about.”

            Occupational therapy assistants help those who are disabled to live more independently resulting in a more satisfying lifestyle. When in this program, the students visit multiple environments to not only help gain experience but to also determine what environment would suit them best for employment. Jade hopes to work in either a nursing home or school, working closely with patients. She feels that she has truly learned a lot through hands on field work and personable professors.