When deciding on which college to attend, Leah Price wanted a community that felt like ‘home’- but still gave the opportunity to meet new people every day. Through a trip to Shawnee State with her church, she not only found the right campus for her- but the right program, too. In five years, Leah will have earned not only her Bachelor’s, but her Master’s as well, thanks to SSU’s 3+2 Occupational Therapy program.

“I knew I was going to come here and feel welcome.”

Leah chose occupational therapy because she loves to help people. She currently works on campus as the MOT program’s graduate assistant, helping her classmates- as well as her professors- stay organized and on top of things. Students interested in on-campus employment can visit, or contact our Student Business Center at (740) 351-4357 to learn about work-study eligibility.

At Shawnee State, we have several pathways for those interested in occupational therapy fields. Along with our 3+2 Master’s program, our OT programs include a two-year occupational therapy assistant degree and a master’s in occupational therapy program for those who already hold a degree and are looking to advance their education.

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