Before beginning his educational career at Shawnee State University, Jarrod attended the University of Louisville and Marshall University where he earned his master degree. His decision to pursue a degree in medical laboratory technology was made so he could make a career change, so he looked for something that would fulfill his dreams, rather than simply working at a job so he could make ends meet. Although he was highly educated before coming to SSU, he felt that he truly learned more than he expected from the enthusiastic staff. The courses are usually set up where they will have a lecture and lab component, so anyone within the MLT program receives hands on experience performing tests that would work in a real medical laboratory.  

“I previously worked in research and I enjoyed working in the lab, but with research there’s a certain ‘what if,’ if it’s going to pan out. Everything you do is with the hope that eventually it will be of benefit to someone. With medical laboratory, there’s a person in the hospital that may be at their lowest point. While you’re still only a part of caring for that person along with doctors, nurses, and everyone else, there’s a more immediate gratification. By running these tests and getting this data, I’m helping this person right now.” 

Those who are in the MLT program are able to work in a clinic rotation during their last semester. Students like Jarrod are able to get on-the-job training before they actually begin their career, making them as prepared as possible. Jarrod knows that when he finishes his education in the program, he will be working in an environment that not only pays the bills, but makes him truly happy.