Having a nurse practitioner for a mother led to Jaclyn Syroney’s stern dislike for anything related to the medical field as a child. After deciding to join the Air Force and being deployed to Iran and Afghanistan, Jaclyn found a desire for helping people and a change of heart about the health care field. The Veteran’s Club, in which Jaclyn is vice president, provides a welcoming community to veterans coming to Shawnee who may fear alienation from their younger, less experienced peers. 

“You have that instant connection when someone’s a veteran,” Jaclyn says. “You might not know them, but you’re able to talk to them.” 

Coming to college after serving in the military can be hard, but we’re here to make achieving that degree easier for you! 

Along with the Veterans Club, Shawnee also has the Office of Military and Veteran Services to help students adjust to the workload of college as well as provide general support for our veterans. Counseling services are also available, with emphasis on veteran needs, in our Health Clinic on 4th Street. 

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