Connor was inspired to become an intervention specialist by his high school teacher he referred to as “Truck.” Now, he wants to graduate and do whatever he can to help kids through school. His dream is to teach at a high school near his hometown, working in the same school that his family works at. Connor believes its important to discover what you want to do, so that you’ll spend the rest of your life enjoying what you’re doing.


“They try to get you into a classroom as much as they can and not sitting in a classroom listening to a lot of lectures. Which is good, I learned a lot of information that way, but it’s really nice to get out into the classroom and observe and work with other teachers to see how they teach and work with students and stuff like that. So, this program is a really good program for that and they give you a lot of material you can take with you. The classes are really designed to help you succeed later on when you do get a job.”


            Resources within Shawnee State have truly helped Connor be successful within his college career. He used the math lab, writing center, professors and librarians for any questions or concerns he had within classes. He feels that professors truly do want you to succeed. Connor begins his last year in the education program in the fall where he will be student teaching at a local middle school. He is excited to finish the program and begin his career helping kids in his community, leading them down a path of success, just like “Truck” did for him.