Is the University Closed?

No. The University is open and will remain open — but we’ve moved most services to the cloud. We will not be holding face-to-face classes on campus for the remainder of the semester and many of our buildings are closed to comply with the Ohio Department of Health guidelines regarding social distancing.

Departments and staff are accessible by phone or email. Department phone numbers have been transferred to remote offices and are being answered. Likewise, emails are being monitored and answered. Meetings and “face-to-face” consultations are being held in online formats.

Are ALL classes now online?

Yes, we have moved all classes to remote instruction (online). No face-to-face classes, labs or meetings will be held for the remainder of the semester.

Online Learning Resources

When will Spring 2020 Clinical/Preceptor hours be made up?

Spring semester clinical/preceptor hours will be delivered in a compressed time frame. Tentatively, Shawnee State will offer these hours in a "mini-session" beginning June 1, 2020 through June 19, 2020, depending on ODH guidelines and availability of clinical sites.

Should I return to campus?

No. Students have been encouraged to return home or to remain home for the remainder of the semester. Those who need to return briefly to collect crucial belongings, such as computers or books, will be permitted to do so by making arrangements with Housing and Residence Life.

Some students could not return home and remain in university housing. If you are still living on campus, you are urged to practice safe physical distancing (at least 6 feet of personal space). Please monitor communications for further updates.

What if I live off campus?

If you are currently living off-campus we strongly encourage you to return home. This strong request applies to all students regardless of where you are living – whether on campus or off.

Will Final Exams proceed as planned?

Updates about final exams and other important deadlines will be posted on the Student Business Center site.

Will this impact my ability to meet my academic requirements?

With the help and creativity of faculty and staff, we will make sure you are able to meet your academic requirements remotely, and we will pay special attention to graduating students. You will be hearing from deans and professors over the next weeks with details about your classes, including any clinical, experiential, performance-based, or studio learning that may require alternative arrangements during a special summer session.

Are all University events canceled?

Yes. University events have been canceled for March and April. This is an evolving situation. Please continue to monitor all University communications for forthcoming information.

Where do I go for help with my accounts, including Blackboard?

ITS is here to help you. Bookmark these resources and don’t hesitate to contact ITS.


Most of your courses will be taught using Blackboard tools. To access Blackboard, visit Your SSU ID Number is your username. Your Password is the same as your MySSU Password.

24/7 Blackboard Support

For 24 hour a day, 7 day a week Blackboard Support: Call (740) 351-3628

  1. Your call will be directed to HD Support
  2. The Call Center Menu will answer saying: Thank you for calling HD Support. If you are a Student, Press 1. If you are Faculty, Press 2.
  3. Once you select the correct menu options, the qualified staff at HD Support will help you with all of your Blackboard “How To” needs.

Blackboard Tips & FAQ

Blackboard Password Issues

For Blackboard Password issues, please email

For the quickest service, please be sure your email includes:

  1. State that you need your Blackboard Password reset. You have several accounts (Email, Blackboard, MySSU, etc) so please be specific.
  2. Your name and SSU ID Number
  3. Your off-campus contact information

All Other IT Service Requests

If you need support on something that is NOT Blackboard related, please submit all Non-Blackboard requests for service through our central IT Service desk email:

All requests should include:

  1. A detailed description of your issue or request. Please be as specific as possible.
  2. Your name and SSU ID Number
  3. Your off-campus contact information

You can call our IT Service Desk at (740) 351-3538 in the event that you cannot send an email. We do ask that you email whenever possible. An email to our central address allows us to track all service calls and ensure we provide the most timely service.

What electronic resources are available to me and how do I access them from off campus?

All of your Shawnee State University Electronic Resources are available to you from anywhere. Below is a quick description of the most commonly used ones in case you are not familiar with how to access them or what they are for. Each of these resources can be conveniently accessed by visiting the Shawnee State University main website. Select the Current Student tab, and each of these are located under Technical Support.

@MyMail Email and Office 365 Account

Your @MyMail Email can be accessed by visiting the SSU website and clicking on the Current Student tab and then clicking on the Technical Support menu item labeled Email & Office365

Or you can visit

Office365 gives you access to the Microsoft Office Suite of products like Word, PowerPoint, etc. You can access this from the cloud portal or you can install Microsoft Office365 on your personal device. Installing Office365 a personal computer or laptop will make using it much more convenient and it will require less internet access. You can download Microsoft Office at no cost to you.

To install Office 365, log into your account, look to the top left corner and you will see a menu box that says Install Office. From the drop down menu, select Install Office 365 Apps. You can install this on up to 5 devices at no cost.


Most of your courses will be taught using Blackboard tools. To access Blackboard, visit Your SSU ID Number is your username. Your Password is the same as your MySSU Password This password is synchronized with MySSU so they will always be the same.

If you are not familiar with using Blackboard, tips for getting started are available at

In an effort to better support online learning for both our Faculty and Students, ITS has contracted with Blackboard to provide a support line that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This support line Is called HD Support. If you need Blackboard Support, please call them at (740) 351-3682.

Blackboard provides a mobile app that may be helpful for keeping tracking of your assignments. This app is also very helpful if all you have access to is a mobile device like a Tablet or a Cell Phone. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows Platforms. The App is called Blackboard and it is available in the App Store as a free download.


MySSU is where you register for classes, view your financial information, and access your final grades at the end of the semester.

To access MySSU, visit

Your SSU ID Number is your username. This password is synchronized with Blackboard so they will always be the same.

Network Login

Your network login is typically used to access SSU Lab Computers and other on campus resources like printing. But we want to remind you that this account will also give you access to all online Library Resources. The Library can be accessed at

How can I get help from the library when the building is closed?

The Clark Memorial Library staff remains committed to supporting teaching, learning and student success at Shawnee State. We are available in a variety of online tools and will work with you in the virtual world to make sure you have access to the resources you want and need.

Can I still get help finding a job after graduation?

Career Services is available to SSU students and alumni through Blackboard, phone calls, email, or other remote online access for the remainder of the semester. To maintain physical distancing and keep students and staff healthy, no face-to-face meetings will be held.

Career Con 2020

Career Con 2020, a virtual career fair for all academic programs, will be held on Thursday, April 16, from noon to 4 p.m., and students and alumni may participate from anywhere as long as they have virtual access. If you need help with accessing the fair, please contact our office.  Registration is now available at This career fair is being hosted by Easy Virtual Fair.

Please contact us to help you prepare your resume and practice job interviewing in advance.

Spring Etiquette Dinner

The Spring Etiquette Dinner is still on for Thursday, April 14, at 6:30 p.m.

This event will be held virtually via Facebook Live on the Career Services Facebook page. Thank you to the folks at Aladdin Catering for their flexibility and support! The entire community is welcome to participate to find out more about the art of fine dining for career networking and job interviews.

Contact Career Services

If you have a question or need to make an appointment, please call Career Services at (740) 351-3027 or email