• Are you in need of an intern from Shawnee State University, but you don’t have funding to pay their wages?
  • Would you like to have funding to pay an existing FWS student to work additional hours?
  • Do you have a Work Study-eligible student who is performing student teaching, clinical rotations, or an internship that gives them work experience in their major?

Shawnee State University has been selected to participate in the Federal Work Study (FWS) Experiment. This program seeks to expand the number of private-sector and off-campus job opportunities available to FWS recipients, as well as to permit FWS students to work more than the typical 10 hours per week if necessary and appropriate.

This program can be used to supplement existing on-campus assignments by paying for additional hours, as long as their duties align with their current major. In addition, the weekly hours cannot exceed 29 hours per week. However, there may be exceptions to this which will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Faculty advisors and clinical placement coordinators who are working with FWS students to receive experiential learning should encourage them to apply. Once the experience is approved by the Financial Aid office, you will be responsible for submitting an Authorization to Hire form to Human Resources and will be responsible for approving the students’ time entry every two weeks as students will enter their time through the SSU Payroll system. Students will need to also complete the necessary new hire paperwork through the Human Resources office. If you have an existing FWS student, you will also need to submit an Authorization to Hire form to HR, and the student will record the additional hours on the new added assignment.

Through this program, FWS funding will pay 100% of wages for on-campus assignments as well as for off-campus internships with non-profit organizations. FWS funding is only available to pay 50% of wages for internships with for-profit companies and 75% for small businesses (as defined by federal regulations).

Complete Authorization to Hire

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For more information, please contact Angie Duduit, Director of Workforce Development, at (740) 351-3322 or email