Lauren has always loved playing sports, in fact, she came to Shawnee State University to play on the women’s volleyball team. With the ability to continue playing sports, she began her career as a student within the exercise science program in order to receive her bachelor degree in exercise science and an associate degree in physical therapy. As a first-generation college student who graduated in 2017, she now has no trouble getting a job within her career. She is now working as a physical therapy assistant and begins graduate school to receive her doctorate in physical therapy very soon.

“My time at Shawnee has been great. I did four years to get my bachelors and associate degree. I had a great time and I never really had much struggle within my program because I always had help. My professors really wanted to see me succeed.” 

While in the exercise science program, Lauren was able to practice performing tests she would within her career field and also was given the opportunity for a local internship. She worked at PSKC CrossFit, a gym where she could learn to keep herself and others healthy, without compromising their physical well-being. The small class sizes allowed Lauren to receive an outstanding education unmatchable to larger universities. She feels that she received a great education, therefore she will be able to continue her education and work in her desired field as a physical therapist. 

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