Alexis Garcia came to Shawnee looking to get a bachelor’s degree in anything that will allow her to become a physical therapist, and found out that she loves the exercise science program. She knew before she began her journey at Shawnee State University that she wanted to go to graduate school and earn her doctorate degree to become a physical therapist. So, by understanding her persona interest and investing her time into something she loves, she finds it easier to learn and motivate herself in classes like anatomy, kinesiology, and sports management.


“Earning my degree to me means that I can do this. It proves to my family that I can do this for them. A lot of people say it’s just a degree but it’s not what other people see, it’s what I see and it makes me feel better knowing I can complete this and challenge myself in that way.”


                Alexis truly enjoys her classes and is excited that she is getting closer to her dream job. She believes it’s important to take advantage of the wonderful professors and free resources like the math lab and writing center. Her advice to any incoming freshmen are to remember to get a planner and focus on your studies, but to also ground yourself to socialize when you feel you’re working too hard. Alexis’ experience is an example that you should love what you’re doing and do what you love.