Dylan Haynes isn’t afraid to stray from the beaten path. After having her mind set on a certain college in high school, a gut feeling led her to applying to Shawnee State University just before graduation. Her love of literature took her from seeking a degree in biomedical science to a degree in English and Humanities- and she plans on pursuing medical school down the line, too. Dylan knows her diverse interests, go-getter attitude, and her drive to help others will impress future employers and get her a career she loves. We think that’s pretty outstanding.

“Not everyone has the opportunity to earn a degree. I think it’s such a privilege to go here.”

At SSU, our English and Humanities degree path requires 38 hours of electives- giving you opportunity to specialize your degree in the fields you want to learn. Shawnee recommends only taking electives in one or two areas of study so you can hone your skills and stay focused on achieving your degree.

Dylan chose SSU because of our affordable tuition and opportunity for scholarships. Every year, we award more than $2 million in merit-based scholarships that range from our full-tuition Shawnee Scholar Award to a wide range of partial tuition awards. We want to reward your high school achievements and make your college education even more affordable.