Gabe Miller began his journey as an emergency medical responder by volunteering with a local EMT volunteer squad. After doing that for a while, he realized that it was his true interest and decided to attend Shawnee State University to receive his certification to work as a paramedic. He heard of Shawnee State’s program due to the great reputation they have for training emergency responders; the program allows to not only learn the material but also have hands on experience. While in the program, Gabe gained more experience that prepared him for the future, like extricating a dummy from a vehicle and using the jaws of life.


“This is a great opportunity and there are a lot of people in the world who don’t have this opportunity, so be thankful you are here right now.”


            Since Gabe finished his certification program, he has been working as a firefighter and continues to volunteer as a paramedic and EMT. He understands the importance of getting an education and continuing to learn throughout your entire life, so not only is he proud of his certification, but his family is also proud of him for what he has done. The medical field is constantly growing, so he wants to benefit his community as much as he can. His advice to future students who are interested in the program is to take your education seriously, because it is invaluable.