Cora Hopkins is getting prepared to start student teaching at an elementary school in the Portsmouth area, giving her the experience she needs to pursue her dream of teaching first grade. She has always been passionate about wanting to teach children, but she truly knew this is what she wanted to do when she took her first education class. However, Cora is not only an education major, she also has a job on campus working at the Clark Memorial Library and is a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon. She feels that getting involved has truly enhanced her experience at Shawnee State, allowing her to break out of her shell and become more independent.  

“I’m proud of myself and my family is proud of me too,” she said. “It means that I can do what I want to do and not be held back.” 

Students like Cora who complete the Early Childhood Education program are eligible for an Ohio teacher licensure to teach grades pre-kindergarten through third. Cora has been offered the opportunity to not only begin student teaching, but has also taught in the Children’s Learning Center, which is a full day university and community preschool. The learner-centered belief within education programs at Shawnee State creates wonderful teachers that are prepared to educate our future.  

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