At first, Morgan attended a larger university, but unfortunately felt lost in the crowd. When she transferred to Shawnee State she felt more at home here, as if she could get to know not only her professors but her classmates as well. There are currently twenty-one girls within the dental hygiene program with her, so she has had plenty of time to work closely with professors and study with her classmates. She would describe the program as a challenge, however, with the on-campus clinic she has the chance to learn while also helping others. In the dental hygiene clinic, they accept students and anyone else in the area who needs their teeth to be cleaned, receive x-rays, and many other services.

“My dream in the long run is to eventually teach dental hygiene and maybe even at a place like Shawnee State, because I see the impact my professors have made on me and I would just love to help other people get where I’m going.”

            Morgan feels that each of her professors want to see her succeed, even outside of the program within general education classes. The smaller classes and student to professor ratio made a large difference in her education, compared to what she was receiving before she transferred from a larger university. She is passionate about making others healthier and feel better about their smile. As she starts her last semester, she plans to take advantage of the time she has here by getting involved in student programs, attending sport events, and hanging out with friends. Morgan is confident that after graduation she will be prepared to begin her career as a dental hygienist.

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