When Mariah began looking into programs that she would enjoy in college, she didn’t expect to find the best opportunity of her life. She had married at a young age and moved with her husband to the Scioto County area, then began attending Shawnee State University to receive her associate degree in dental hygiene. But, she didn’t stop there. Once she finished the program she found that working with dental hygiene was her passion, so she received her bachelor degree from Ohio State University and later her master degree from American Public University. After alternating schools, she found that Shawnee State University was her home, so she began working as an assistant professor and plans to spend the rest of her life teaching dental hygiene.

I love the campus. I love the community and my co-workers. I get up and think oh man, I get to teach today. I love what I do and I love to educate people who are going to educate a community.”

Mariah is now a professor and mother, who hopes to inspire her children to further their education and pursue their dreams just as she did. Her only wish is that she would have traveled more and possibly studied abroad while she was earning her degree. But, she has no regrets whatsoever about studying dental hygiene at Shawnee State. She believes that the program offers an outstanding opportunity where students can learn and also practice by working within the clinic on campus.