Daniel is not a traditional student, he does not live on campus fresh out of high school, but that has not affected his ability to become a successful student in the Computer Engineering Technology program. After almost a decade of working in service industry jobs he decided to pursue his dreams in order to make a better life for not only himself, but his newborn daughter and wife as well. Shawnee State University has given him the opportunity to not only get his education, but to continue learning more of what he is truly passionate about.


“Shawnee’s given me skills I didn’t have before. They’re just really opened up a lot of opportunities that I wouldn’t have had without them.”


Daniel is currently working on building a web application for the SSU Psychology Department called LifeLab and also works tutoring students. The resources that are offered on campus has helped him to succeed within his program. When Daniel was struggling with calculus, he went to the math lab on campus; or when he was struggling with writing a paper he visited the writing center. The Computer Engineering Technology program offers students like Daniel a bachelor’s degree in science and a certificate of computer technology, allowing him to work in an environment that not only meets his financial needs, but more importantly do something he enjoys.