Jonathan Crews would describe himself as a “professional student”; he has a deep love for learning and a true interest for chemistry, so much that he wants to know every detail of information possible within the subject. Shawnee State has given him the opportunity to earn his first degree and graduate in 2011, but after taking a break he decided to come back and pursue a degree in chemistry.  Earning a chemistry degree will prepare Jonathan for working in a research career; his ultimate dream is to build larger molecules out of smaller things in a lab, possibly running his own laboratory one day.  

“My favorite part about Shawnee is that you can really get to know your professors. There are research opportunities around students that you feel more confident approaching your professors about if you have any questions. Since you don’t have classes where there are 150 people in them, you have classes where there are 30 people max, so you really get to know your professors and they get to know you.” 

At first Jonathan was intimidated by certain college classes, especially those that involved math. He was able to overcome this fear by using resources such as the math laboratory and help from professors. Professors encourage students like Jonathan to pursue their dreams. These faculty offer student help in moving toward their future. If students want to expand their horizons, they can focus on research opportunities or join the chemistry club.  

The chemistry program is one of a kind, allowing students to focus on their interests and retain the material rather than just simply learning within a classroom. 

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