Nina believes that chemistry is her passion, so much that after receiving her bachelor degree for it she continued her education to earn her master degree at the University of Cincinnati. Her education at Shawnee State helped her prepare for this by teaching her great study techniques and giving her experience within the laboratory. To her, earning a degree opens as many doors as possible to opportunities she wants to pursue. After working as a teaching assistant and tutoring students at Shawnee State, she was granted the opportunity to be a graduate assistant. One day, she hopes to work for a company as large as Proctor and Gamble.

“I’m a green chemist, so I want to try to make normal chemicals better for humans and the environment. The chemistry degree that I got here would definitely help with that, I took a step here to move toward that decision.”

Nina believes that it is important to work hard and earn your degree, but she also spent time doing things outside of the classroom and studying, like going to the gym and doing Zumba. Her favorite part about Shawnee State was how much the professors cared about giving their students a quality education. When taking a class many of them would come with a lab component where students like Nina would be able to get hands on experience. Her advice to incoming freshmen is to not be afraid of what the future holds, everything will work out if you work hard.