When you have a position to fill...

Almost any type of regular position (full-time faculty and/or full and part-time staff) you need to fill, will follow the summary process shown below.

Summary of Process to Fill Positions

  1. Seek approval to fill position and initiate search process as shown below:
    1. Department Director/Dean will initiate Position Requisition Form (PDF)
      • Notify the HR office first if:
        • A new position will be created
        • An existing position description will be modified
        • The department is reorganizing/reassigning staff
        • The department is requesting to waive a search
        The HR Office will advise the department of any salary adjustments and appropriate document(s) to be submitted to the Vice President.
      • If none of the above applies, submit documents to the Vice President.
    2. Vice President will obtain Presidential approval.
    3. Vice President will send an email to the Budget Analyst (Ali Givan) with a copy to the President indicating the agreed-upon position, associated cost, and funding source(s).
    4. The budget office will review and submit to the HR Office, with the supporting documentation attached.
  2. Once approval is received, Hiring Manager works with Human Resources to develop Job Posting and Position Profile/Interview Guide (the "Profile").
  3. Hiring Manager (or designated Search Chair) selects search committee members and notifies Human Resources.
  4. Search committee members review the Selection Training Guide and sign acknowledgement.
  5. Once job posting closes and Human Resources conducts initial screening, committee members will be provided access to review qualified applicants through the PeopleAdmin Applicant Tracking System.
  6. Search committee members identify candidates to be interviewed and conduct interviews utilizing the completed Profile provided by Hiring Manager/Search Chair.
  7. Search Chair submits committee recommendations to Hiring Manager.
  8. Hiring Manager initiates the Request to Hire form.

Selection Training

Training on the search process is required of all search committee members. We have put together the Selection Training Guide (PDF) so it can be easily reviewed online. The Search Chair ensures all search committee members are trained. Each committee member must attest to their understanding of the process by signing the acknowledgement form.

Checklists and Position Profile

At the beginning of your search, Human Resources will send you the applicable Position Profile/Interview Guide (the "Profile") template to complete. The Profile contains all information needed to complete the search - the competencies, procedures (in step-by-step checklist form), system & applicant review instructions, and sample applicant status & consensus forms (applicant status & consensus forms are sent to the Hiring Manager/Search Chair after the completed Profile has been returned to HR).