We're looking forward to welcoming you back to campus (or to SSU Housing for the first time)! We hope you have a happy - and safe - winter break. To keep campus safe when you return, we are implementing a new Move-In process.

Spring 2021 Move-In

  1. Schedule your Move-In Appointment.
  2. No guests allowed in housing units.
  3. Arrive at Student Annex 30 minutes before your Move-In Appointment for Rapid COVID-19 Test.
  4. Quarantine if test is positive (return home if possible).

Your Move-In Breakdown:

Schedule your move-in appointment. 

Make your Move-In Appointment by following this link: 

Spring 2021 Move-In Appointment.

No guests allowed in housing units. 

As part of increased safety measures, we can only allow students in the apartments. If someone is driving you, please ask them to wait for you in their car while you get "cleared" to move-in, in the unlikely event that you test positive for COVID-19 and need to return home to quarantine.

Take a Rapid Test (30 minutes before your appointment) to be cleared for Move-In. 

Arrive 30 minutes BEFORE your Move-In Appointment and get a rapid test in the Student Annex (building next to the University Center). Please return to your car and wait on your results. You'll receive a text letting you know if you have been "cleared" for Move-In.

In the unlikely event that you test positive, the SSU Health Team will require you to quarantine.

Because quarantine spaces on campus are limited, you will be asked to return home to quarantine if at all possible. If you are unable to quarantine at home, you will be assigned to a quarantine unit on campus while rooms are available.

Please check your SSU email regularly for updates to these procedures. Email us at anytime if you have questions or concerns.

Move-In Dates for New & Returning Students

Sunday, January 3

Resident Assistant Move-In with rapid testing for RA's
4–5 pm

Tuesday-Saturday, January 5-9

New & Returning Student Move-In
10:30 am–4 pm
By appointment only: Schedule your Move-In Appointment.

Rapid Testing
10 am–4 pm
Drop in the Student Annex BEFORE Housing Appointment

Sunday, January 10

Late Arrival & Rapid Testing
10 am–4 pm

What to Expect at Move-In:

Appointments are required with no exceptions. Our safety procedures hinge on being able to reduce the number of people who arrive at the same time and control the flow in and out of our units. Consider signing up early as time slots per day are limited. When all slots for a specific date are filled, no more appointments will be available for that day.

Students who arrive without an appointment cannot be accommodated. We always strive to be accommodating, but are keeping to a strict schedule to help everyone move through the process smoothly.

Rapid Testing will be required to "clear" you for Move-In. The SSU Health Team will be in the Annex from 10 am - 4 pm. If you do not test, you will be unable to move into housing.

Face masks and/or coverings will be required for students and visitors.

No guests will be allowed in housing units.

Meal plans for the Bears Den will begin January 5.

We are looking forward to your return to housing! Look for updates about Move-In and other return activities in your email over the next few weeks. Until then, don't hesitate to email us at if you have any questions.

COVID-19 Guidance:

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