Printing Services must approve any publication that bears the University's name or logo and is distributed off campus. This includes publications that are grant-funded as well as those provided by university budget. Please make an appointment to discuss your project with us as early as possible.

Turnaround time

Factors such as format, quantity, and sophistication of the publication all influence production time. Some pieces can be completed in a short turnaround time, while other, larger projects take longer.

When planning a program or event, you should make an appointment with us as early in the process as possible—certainly, well in advance of your deadline. Together we can develop the production schedule for the publication(s) involved.

Once we have established a schedule, it is important to keep within those guides. If your copy is turned in two weeks late, your printing job most likely will be two weeks late in delivery.

Submitting copy for publication

All requests for printed materials should be directed to Printing Services and should be accompanied by:

  • Shawnee State University account number.
  • A hardcopy and an electronic version of the text.
  • Any necessary photographs or illustrations.
  • A sample of a previous or similar publication, if available.

Department staff will discuss with you the purpose of the publication, when the printed material is needed, budget allotted for the project, and special requirements of the project.

Please try to include the proper names of departments, buildings, and organizations (i.e., Department of Mathematical Sciences, not Math Department; Health Sciences Building, not Allied Health Building; Student Government Association, not Student Senate, etc.).

Make sure times and dates are correct. Corrections could become costly and delay production once the material has been typeset.

Editorial standards

As a general rule, Printing Services will review submitted text to see that it is accurate and consistent in grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and general usage. However, it is your responsibility to submit your information accurately. A proof of your job will be sent to you for approval before printing is started. Any changes should be indicated on the proof and returned to Printing Services. Your signature on the proof slip indicates that any problems found later are your error.