Turnaround time

Printing & Graphic Services provides "in by 11:00 a.m. out by 5:00 p.m." copying service, excluding any delivery time involved. You need to know, though, that photocopiers are busiest during finals week, the break between quarters, and the first week of the quarter. You need to allow extra time during those periods.

Allow extra time, also, for large jobs that require binding or other specialized finishing.

Getting things copied

Materials you wish to have copied must be accompanied by a completed photocopying requisition that includes the appropriate account number and the signature of the person requesting the copies. Please know your department's account number (available from your department head) when requesting copying service. No work will begin without an account number and signature.

Print shop staff will do your copying for you and will give you the option of picking it up when completed or having it delivered to an on-campus location.

Self-service copying is not available in the print shop. You are strongly encouraged to observe the "in by 11:00 out by 5:00" policy, allowing extra time during the busy periods noted above.

In an effort to stem the rising cost of paper, copies--with the exception of most letters--will be duplexed (printed on both sides of the paper) unless you specify otherwise on the photocopying requisition.

After-hours copying

Adjunct faculty and others needing copying service after hours are encouraged to use the smaller, self-service copiers located in their individual department or in the Clark Memorial Library. Special needs should be addressed to your department head.