1. Student can schedule to meet with a Coordinator of Accessibility Services via phone or e-mail at least three weeks prior to the semester.
    Michelle Patrick M.Ed, LPCC
    (740) 351-3106

  2. Student should complete the Verification Form and Request for Housing Accommodations (PDF) and bring the form to their scheduled appointment.
  3. The Coordinator of Accessibility Services will review the documentation and determine eligibility according to guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  4. The Coordinator of Accessibility Services contacts the Director of Housing if the housing accommodation is approved and notifies the student by e-mail.
  5. Student will meet with the Director of Housing and sign a policy agreement with the Housing office that outlines responsibilities for housing request.
  6. Student will submit additional requested documentation and/or records if needed, and failure to do so may result in denial of housing accommodation.