Lexie Hubbard understands what it’s like to be the ‘new kid’ in school. Born in Portsmouth, family circumstances moved her to Wisconsin and back over the course of her childhood, where she adjusted to different schools and meeting new people. Though being a new student felt overwhelming to her in the beginning, Lexie’s apprehension was very short-lived in Shawnee State University’s Bridge to Success program- where making great friends was as easy as attending class and being herself.  

“There’s a lot to do on campus; you can make yourself at home,” she said. 

Lexie is a first-generation college student, which can make the college application process seem as scary as moving across the country. Here at Shawnee, many of our staff and faculty were first generation students themselves- and we’re here to help you every step of the way.  

As a Bridge to Success student, Lexie is in class only three days out of the week - leaving her plenty of time to hang out in the library, receive tutoring in SSU’s Math and Writing labs, or study with her friends.  

The program is designed to give incoming freshmen the opportunity to complete any required developmental (pre-college level) courses and receive career counseling to determine the best path to reaching their goals — whether that is through a college degree from Shawnee State or an alternate path with one of our education partners.   

The Bridge to Success program is offered in the Summer (for admission to SSU in the following Fall semester) and Fall (for admission to SSU for the following Spring semester). Visit to learn more.