Chris Kacir

“Our seven-week Bridge to Success Program is completely online and offered to you free this summer! View our Bridge Welcome Presentation for an overview of the program and what you can expect.”

Dr. Chris Kacir, Dean of University College

1. Get Ready for Online Instruction

Set up your student computer accounts so we’ll be able to interact with you. Your student accounts offer you access to a lot of technology that you’ll need during the Bridge to Success program — including your MySSU student portal and Blackboard student courses.

This resource will introduce you to the Blackboard portal and other tools that will help you succeed in online courses.

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2. Confirm your Financial aid packet

Schedule a Virtual Meeting with a Financial Aid Counselor now to make sure your aid is in place for this fall. We’ll review this information, including the process for applying for grants and student loans during the program, too.

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3. Apply for housing if you plan to live on campus this fall

Reserve your spot in housing now so you’ll be all set in the fall. If you don’t successfully complete the Bridge to Success program or your plans for college change, your housing deposit will be refunded to you.

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4. Learn about campus resources

Complete our Online Orientation Training for all students. You’ll learn what you need to know about becoming a Shawnee State Bear!

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5. Meet your Bridge to Success instructors

Your instructors are here to help you succeed. They are here for you this summer and are dedicated to providing you with an outstanding educational experience. Get to know them!

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