EMT Degree Requirements

Suggested Course Sequence

The schedule* below is a sample for an incoming freshman. You must see a faculty member after acceptance into the program for academic advising to develop an individualized plan.

*Schedules are subject to change.

Summer Semester
Number Course Title Credit
AHNR 1102 Medical Terminology 2
BIOL 1110 Introduction to Biology 3
EMTP 1020 CPR 1
PSYC 1101 Psychology 3
EMTP 2999 A & P for EMS 3
ENGL 1101 Dis/Comp 5
Total 17
Fall Semester
Number Course Title Credit
ENGL 1105 Composition Research 2
SOCI 1101 Intro to SOC 3
BUAI 1101 Computer Applications 3
PSYC 3131 Death & Dying 3
EMTP 1120 EMS Systems 2
EMTP 1130 Major Incident Response 1
Total 14
Spring Semester
Number Course Title Credit
COMM 1101 Public Speaking 3
EMTP 2600 Field Studies 2
EMTP 2700 EMS Management 1
xxxx Electives 4
xxxx Tech. Elective 2
Total 12
Fall Semester
Number Course Title Credit
EMTP 2100 Paramedic Skills I 5
EMTP 2101 Paramedic Skills I Lab 2
EMTP 2102 Paramedic Skills I clinical 2
EMTP 2200 Paramedic Skills II 4
Total 13
Spring Semester
Number Course Title Credit
EMTP 2300 Paramedic Skills III 5
EMTP 2301 Paramedic Skills III lab 2
EMTP 2302 Paramedic Skills III clinical 2
EMTP 2999 Special Topics 3
xxxxx Tech. Elective 2
Total 14
Summer Semester
Number Course Title Credit
EMTP 2400 Paramedic Skills IV 5
EMTP 2401 Paramedic Skills IV - Lab 2
EMTP 2402 Paramedic Skills IV - Clinical 2
EMTP 2500 Advanced Emergency Procedures 3
Total 12
Approved Electives
Number Course Title Credit
BUHE 3120 Health Care Personnel Management 3
BUMG 2100 Management Concepts 4
BUMG 2350 Personnel Management 3
BIOL 3750 Microbiology 4
ENGL 2200 Intro to Literature 3
MATH 1100 Mathematics Core Course 3
PSYC 1130 Life Span Develp. for Health Science 3
PSYC 3160 Abnormal Psychology 3
SOSC 1110 Foundations of Social Science 3
Technical Electives
Number Course Title Credit
EMTP 2600 EMS Field Studies 2
EMTP 2700 EMS Management 2
Total of Hours Hours
Total EMS Core Hours 35
Total Degree Hours 66-67
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Career Opportunities

Positions for emergency medical technicians are available in private ambulance companies, hospitals, industry, fire departments, 911 dispatch offices, and the armed forces. Law enforcement agencies, park services, ski patrols, and other groups train their personnel to become EMT-Bs or paramedics as part of their duties.

Applying to the Program

Please review this Functional Job Analysis (PDF) before applying to the Paramedic Program

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