Welcome to Shawnee State!

Participating in CCP at your high school? Great! Your experience in CCP will be coordinated by your high school guidance counselor. Once you’re accepted as a CCP student at Shawnee State, here are some next steps:

1. Shawnee State will work with your guidance counselor to get you registered as an SSU student this fall.

You don’t need to do anything to register for your course at this point. Registration will be coordinated by your guidance counselor once school starts. Now, you can celebrate your acceptance into the program and spend the summer getting to know the Shawnee State tools and services available to you!

2. Set-up your student accounts (you have three that you’ll want to get to know).

As a Shawnee State student, you have three different accounts — your Network Account, MySSU Student Portal, and @MyMail Email Account.

How to set up your accounts

If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to email us at

3. Get to know the Clark Memorial Library.

The library staff is here to help you succeed and can help you find the article, journal, book, or resource you need. Librarians are available through phone, email, and even online chat. As a Shawnee State student, you have access to everything the Clark Memorial Library provides, even if you are taking classes at your high school.

Clark Memorial Library

4. Explore benefits of being an SSU Student.

As a CCP student, you are a Shawnee State student. That means you have access to all services, resources and benefits that every college student enjoys. Attend sporting events for free. Use the Clark Memorial Library. Make an appointment for tutoring through the Student Success Center. Attend special lectures and student life events. You’re a Shawnee Bear!

5. Explore majors and learn more about the college admission process.

Join us for one of our virtual information sessions. We are hosting events throughout the summer designed to help you explore majors, get to know campus, and learn about the steps you can take during high school to prepare for college.

Virtual Information Sessions

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