Chemistry study center

The chemistry study center is staffed by student tutors who can help you with any aspect of your introductory chemistry or organic chemistry class. It is a great place to ask questions, get help with writing lab reports, or study for your chemistry classes. We encourage anyone taking a chemistry class to check it out!

Need help balancing chemical equations? Want to convert grams into moles, but don’t know how? Trying to remember the difference between an ortho/para-director and a meta-director? IUPAC nomenclature getting you down?

If you have any Chemistry questions, we invite you to come to the Chemistry Study Center in Massie Hall, Room 339! We have expert student coaches who can offer help and advice in the following classes:

  • CHEM0099—Preparation for College Chemistry
  • CHEM1121—Principles of Chemistry
  • CHEM1141—General Chemistry 1
  • CHEM1142—General Chemistry 2
  • CHEM2200—Intro to Organic Chemistry
  • CHEM3305—Organic Chemistry 1
  • CHEM3306—Organic Chemistry 2

The times when we have tutors available are listed below. No appointment is necessary!

If you have any questions about the Chemistry Study Center, please feel free to email Dr. Derek Jones.