SSU Game Design Student Rachel Kowalski

First-generation Student Rachael Kowalski

Rachael Kowalski is drawn to unique things.

Her love of video games and art led her to checking out Shawnee State University’s game design program, where our Motion Capture Lab, up-to-date software technologies, and vast student resources proved to her that SSU was the right choice. To Rachael, getting a degree in gaming is incredibly unique - and being able to pursue her passion makes being a game design major even better.  

“Don’t overload yourself. The journey toward your degree is most important, so make sure to find a good balance between life and work.” 

The hardest adjustment she experienced coming to college was learning how to be independent. Figuring out how to manage all your responsibilities as a student can be hard, but Rachael says not to stress too much: life is a learning experience. 

Rachael a first-generation college student, so she knows how intimidating starting college can be. At Shawnee, we have a multitude of faculty and staff who are first-generation graduates as well, and resources to help students just like Rachael adjust to balancing school obligations and other responsibilities.