How to Provide Effective Feedback

Wednesday, October 9th - 11am 
Library 123 
Led By Dr. Kim Casisidy

Feedback is necessary and can help students develop. It enhances their learning process and gives them the skills to think critically about the choices they have given and consider a point of view they may have not done so originally. Teachers should take the time to know how to deliver feedback effectively in a way that allows students to do just this.

Less Teaching / More Learning

Thursday, October 17th - Noon 
Brown Bag Lunch
Library 123 

Tips from a faculty panel on starting class, extra credit without extra work, navigating student pushback & ending class. 

Assessment Workshop I: Aligning Objectives and Assignments 

Friday, October 18th - 11am 
Library 123 
Led by Dr. Marc Scott 

This workshop will help attendees develop assessment practices that align with program learning objectives. Participants are welcome to discuss works in progress. This session is part of a series for the Assessment Badge Award. 

Assessment Workshop II: Assessment Instrument Workshop 

Monday, October 21st - 4pm 
Library 123 
Led by Dr. Marc Scott

In this workshop, we'll discuss assessment instruments (rubrics, focus group or observation protocols, etc.) that make assessment work meaningful yet realistic given time and budget constraints. Participants are encouraged to bring and discuss works in progress. It is part of a series of sessions for the Assessment Badge.