Upcoming Workshops:

Assessment Workshop I: Aligning Objectives and Assignments

Wed. January 28, 2020 at 2 pm
Library 123
Led by Dr. Marc Scott 

This workshop will help attendees develop assessment practices that align with program learning objectives. Participants are welcome to discuss works in progress. This session is part of a series for the Assessment Badge Award.

Assessment Workshop II: Assessment Instrument Workshop

Wed. February 5, 2020 at 10 am
Library 123
Led by Dr. Marc Scott

In this workshop, we'll discuss assessment instruments (rubrics, focus group or observation protocols, etc.) that make assessment work meaningful yet realistic given time and budget constraints. Participants are encouraged to bring and discuss works in progress. It is part of a series of sessions for the Assessment Badge.

Assessment Workshop III 

Fri. February 14, 2020 at 1pm and Wed. March 18, 2020 at 4pm
Library 123
Led by Dr. Marc Scott


We will discuss ways faculty and staff might use assessment data to improve student learning, to support program review efforts, and to continue the scholarship of teaching and learning. Lunch provided.

Past Workshops:

How to Provide Effective Feedback

Feedback is necessary and can help students develop. It enhances their learning process and gives them the skills to think critically about the choices they have given and consider a point of view they may have not done so originally. Teachers should take the time to know how to deliver feedback effectively in a way that allows students to do just this.

Brown Bag ‘Teaching Matters’ Lunch

This session will focus teaching topics such as starting and ending classes effectively,  handling student pushback,  or giving extra credit without creating a burden on the instructor.

Topics will be selected by those who attend, and participants should expect to bring their own tips on one or more of these topics. 

The TLC will provide water, brownies and extras if participants bring a brown bag lunch.  These sessions are meant to be a time for faculty interested in teaching to sit informally and share ideas with one another.

Green Zone: Working with Student Veterans

Modeled on the “Safe Zone” program, Green Zone is designed for faculty and staff to receive training about issues potentially facing active service members, student veterans and their families. Green Zone training provides participants with an understanding of military experience and the emotional cycle of deployment and and understanding of the potential issues facing undergraduate and graduate student veterans. Participants who complete the training will receive a sign to display in their office and have their name listed on our website as having completed the training.

First Generation College Students in our Classrooms

Compared to peers, first generation college students may feel at a disadvantage in the classroom since they do not have anyone at home to turn to when they have questions about how things work in a college class, wether that be expectations, de-coding a syllabus, understanding grading policies, classroom behavior, participation, group work, organizing class priorities or work, etc. Also, sometimes just a general lack of confidence can hold them back in our classes. Come to this session to listen to a panel of experts on the topic of working with first generation college students in out classes so you can help more of our students succeed.

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