Welcome to Shawnee State University and Information Technology Services. ITS is charged to offer outstanding technology services to its sponsored guests on campus. ITS supports the latest technologies for academic instruction, administrative computing and student learning. We ensure that enterprise systems and mission-critical functions are fully-operational on a continuous basis, standard technology is refreshed on schedule and that networked computing resources are available based on user roles, appropriate access guidelines and campus policy.

Aligned with the Department of Business and Finance, ITS promotes the continuous evaluation of technology upgrades and emerging technologies that further SSU’s Mission, in collaboration with campus departments and executive leadership.

When it concerns your guest account for connecting to the Internet, telephone service, or hardware and software support do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. After all, IT is what we do!

Bringing IT with you

ITS offers secure guest access from wireless networks in academic and administrative areas. We know how important mobile technology is to our guests and we want to ensure that you are successful in connecting your personal computer to the SSU wireless network or connecting to the wired network as a guest user, for the duration of your visit. Connecting personal devices to the SSU wired network is not permitted without prior authorization. Connecting to the SSUnet wireless network as a guest requires sponsorship by an authorized SSU employee or department for a University-sponsored event, and requires an authorized guest account.

What you’ll be provided with as an SSU Guest:

  • An authorized temporary account for accessing the internet
  • ITS department contact information for questions regarding your access
  • Department-specific hardware and software based on your guest role
  • Support from a ITS Help Desk Technician when needing assistance for wireless connectivity

Accessing IT @ a glance

Guest Network and Email Account (if applicable)

What is this account? This account will allow you to log onto an authorized University-owned networked computer when appropriate and the SSUnet Wireless network, for general access.

When is this created? The network account is created within 24 hours after receiving notification of approved Guest status from Human Resources for guest contractors and recurring guests. When a sponsoring employee makes a request for guest access, it will be scheduled based on the information provided through normal Help Desk processes. Account access for scheduled events on campus will be established based on the information provided by the Office of Events.

What is my username? Your username will depend on your status as an SSU guest. ITS will communicate your official username to you or your sponsor, prior to your visit or the scheduled event.

What is my password? Your password will be provided to you or the sponsor prior to your visit or the scheduled event.

Will the account change or be removed? At the point you are no longer sponsored by an SSU authorized employee, have an active guest contract (without prior VP authorization), or your guest account status has expired based on the established date/time of your event, your account will be disabled on your termination date.

Telephone access

Temporary phone connectivity is made available on the Shawnee State University Campus to guests using SSU facilities for a specific event and needing phone access. Long distance calls cannot be made from an SSU extension without having a personal access code (PAC). You will need to include a request for a PAC thru your sponsor, if you plan to make long distance calls. ITS will work to accommodate the needs of our guests; however, telephone access may not be available in all campus locations.

Hardware and Software

Temporary access to University-owned hardware and software can be made available to our SSU guests based on specific needs and availability. Some areas designated for events are equipped with technology normally used during presentations, and can offer access to the internet if necessary.

ITS is able to deploy custom networks using dedicated access points (APs), servers and switching, and custom telephony services requiring multiple lines and phones, as part of a sponsored event on campus. Installing custom software on University-owned laptops or desktop computers is not permitted. ITS can install temporary software needed assuming all campus network and licensing standards for the software have been accomplished prior to the guest access established.

For more detailed information about requesting technology for guests, please contact the Help Desk.

Requesting IT

ITS will initiate efforts to make requested technology available to SSU guests for the dates, times and locations needed, once the prerequisite information needed is received from the sponsoring employee, department or the Office of Events.

Departments sponsoring an event on campus must complete the required authorization form and submit the form as an email attachment to the Help Desk. Guests are not permitted to submit technology request authorization form directly to ITS. This must be accomplished by the department contact person of the sponsoring department. There may be charges associated with your technology needs, based on the type of event, the technology required and the access needed.

The one exception for completing this form is specific to touring companies performing in the Verne Riffe Center for the Arts (VRCFA). These guests will have pre-established access to the guest network that is available only in the VRCFA. If guest members of the company will be visiting other locations on campus the form must be submitted and temporary guest accounts created.

Guest Account

  1. Contact the SSU department or employee who will sponsor your access.
  2. Request that you have guest account access for your scheduled visit.
  3. Ensure that your SSU department sponsor will submit the form to ITS prior to your arrival on campus. ITS recommends you provide one week’s notice to ensure your account is established for your visit.
  4. If you plan to bring your personal technology for use on campus, please communicate this to your contact. person. Identify the device (make and model) that you plan to connect to the network as an SSU guest.
  5. Contact ITS if you need to schedule a visit to install our required network updates and test your connectivity, prior to your scheduled event. Please give sufficient time to allow ITS to assist you, if needed.
  6. Communicate with your SSU sponsor upon the arrival of your visit to identify your access username and password to the guest network (if not previously provided).

Telephone, Hardware and Software

  1. Contact the SSU department or employee who will sponsor your access.
  2. Request that you have technology access for your scheduled visit.
  3. Identify the specific technologies and access you need.
  4. Ensure that your department/event SSU contact person will submit your technology request.
  5. Identify a number where ITS can contact you if we have questions concerning your needs.
  6. Ensure that you understand any associated charges for the use of University-owned technology based on the fee structure established, communicating an agreement to the charges that will be incurred.
  7. If software is to be installed for use by the guest, please provide sufficient time (one week) for the software to be installed and tested.

IT is everywhere

If you have a laptop or other mobile device with a wireless network card you will be able to access our wireless guest access across campus, unless your guest access restricts you to a specific campus building, room or location. To connect to the SSUnet wireless network, follow the normal Wi-Fi connection process for your device, select SSUnet, and enter your SSU Guest username and password when prompted. 

Charging for IT

ITS reserves the right to charge for guest access and use of University-owned technology in certain instances. ITS will charge for connectivity and technology usage when the department sponsoring an event is charging the external for the use of the facility and services received.

ITS reserves the right to charge guests for the use of campus technology if it is determined the scheduled event/ use of technology on campus, requires significant ITS resources for technology support. Please reference the guest event technology fee schedule for current charges.

There will always be a charge incurred for requested technical/network support after normal business hours, i.e. M-F 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, regardless of the association between an SSU department and a sponsored event.

Can I Install IT

ITS must maintain the responsibility for installing and uninstalling software used by guests on University-owned computers. Installing demo versions of software is acceptable for the guest/event. Installing unlicensed versions of software or the installation of software that violates the terms and conditions of installation on the SSU campus, or requires a product key, is prohibited.

Saving and Securing IT

ITS strongly recommends that you never store guest documents on University-owned computers, without contacting us in advance to assist with securing these documents using the latest security measures and appropriate storage folders. We are charged to ensure that documents of an institutional nature and documents requiring information security are protected, and have a reduced risk of being vulnerable to the latest security threats. Do not hesitate to contact ITS to advise you on the best security practices and measures you can take to protect your data.

Need help with IT

ITS adheres to established guidelines as a way to provide a consistent quality of service to the entire campus and its guests, and implements campus IT standards whenever possible to ensure a managed approach to IT for the University. Specific to acceptable use of campus computing resources, SSU is governed by Policy 5.30 and Conditions for Use, that outline appropriate use and authority for technology made available to the campus. You should review these guidelines and Policy at your first opportunity, to ensure that you understand how technology supports SSU’s Mission, is purchased and deployed based on a managed review process by departments in collaboration with technology leadership, to ensure that SSU is in compliance with required licenses and can be fully-supported, for continuous operation and a quality of service to all users.

ITS offers a comprehensive Help Desk service to the campus and utilizes the latest automation technology to effectively manage requests for technology assistance. This service is extended to sponsored guests to ensure accurate tracking and resolution.

The best way to contact the ITS Help Desk is by submitting an email to In your email be sure to include:

  • Your name
  • Phone number (extension)
  • Email address
  • Sponsoring Department (name of event)
  • Description of the issue. Be sure to include any error messages that may be displayed. Remember the better the description of the issue the easier it will be for the Help Desk to resolve the issue.

After you submit your email, a technician will be assigned to your ticket, and the ticket will be assigned a priority. This technician may call you or send an email to you using the contact information you provide. Please work with our technicians as they work through your resolution, to your satisfaction.

You can also stop in the Help Desk located in the basement of the Administration Building, room 035.

Emergency Notification System

SSU offers an emergency notification service on campus called Emergency/SSU Alert. This is provided to keep you informed in the event of an emergency or any University closure. Notifications can be received in a variety of forms including phone call, text message, and email message. To receive emergency notifications from this service your event sponsor must register you and your contact information.

Contact IT

Need more information or have additional questions?

Information Technology Services
Clark Memorial Library Room 118 
940 2nd Street | Portsmouth, OH 45662
Phone: (740) 351-3538 | Fax: (740) 351-3636

Important Notice to Guests on

File Sharing Statement and Copyright Infringement

Employees are reminded that sharing of copyrighted materials over the network such as software, music, images, videos, publications, or any other protected materials is a violation of federal copyright statutes and is strictly prohibited. Violators may be subject to serious fines and penalties.