Presentations, Reports and Surveys

ITS delivers a number of presentations to leadership, committees, departments, individuals and externals during the academic year as a collaborative effort to educate campus users on the technologies being implemented, and how best to utilize them. Also, a number of reports are submitted to leadership for the purpose of reporting on technology progress and to receive input and guidance on technology priorities.

During fall semester of each year, ITS requests that students complete surveys specific to technology they bring to campus and the experience they have connecting to the SSU wired and wireless networks. We also use the reported data to measure the effectiveness of the technology services offered to students as well as the performance of the department from a student perspective. This data is incorporated into the comprehensive efforts made by ITS to continuously improve.

If after review you have questions or comments concerning any of the documents below, do not hesitate to contact ITS so that we can help you better understand technology on campus and how ITS is committed to making IT work for students, faculty and staff.


Department Storage (PDF)

Feith Presentation (PDF)

IT Infrastructure Upgrades (PDF)

Unified Collaboration - President's Cabinet Meeting (PDF)

VoIP Telephone Training (PDF)


FY13 Annual Report - General Questions (PDF)

FY13 Annual Report - Continuous Improvement (PDF)

FY13 Annual Report - Administrative (PDF)

Student Survey Results

Campus‐wide Student Survey 2015 Summary (PDF)

Campus-wide Student Survey 2015 (PDF)

Move In Survey 2015 (PDF)

Campuswide Student Survey 2014 (PDF)

Housing Survey 2014 (PDF)