Computer Labs

ITS is committed to ensuring that technology is up to date and functional in twenty-two funded computer labs in academic buildings across campus, and three library labs in the Clark Memorial Library. This means that computers are refreshed based on a three-year replacement plan, and that all installed software is operating on the latest release, based on the current licensing requirements.

ITS communicates with academic departments and library staff on an individual basis, prior to the beginning of each academic year and via the Help Desk between academic semesters, to understand new software and standard hardware requirements as a prerequisite for upgrading current technologies in operation. Departments should contact ITS to communicate necessary changes or additional needs required during the academic period.

Departments are encouraged to review the Computer Refresh Schedule (PDF) and communicate to ITS any anticipated changes in the current standard or custom enhancements desired by the department, when identified and prior to the end of spring semester, to ensure replacement efforts can be completed to satisfaction.

The Philosophy of Technology Refresh

The goal of Shawnee State’s technology refresh plan has three fundamental principles:

  • To refresh computer technology currently in place based on a planned schedule
  • To ensure that vendor warranties remain in effect for lab technology for timely repair or replacement
  • To ensure that all vendor software licensing terms and conditions are adhered to and the installation represents an accurate number of licenses acquired

The Computer Refresh Schedule in effect is solely a replacement plan, and is not intended to promote technology growth in campus computer labs. This means that when a specific computer is up for replacement, ordered and installed, that a computer in the same lab will be removed from the SSU network and provisioned for removal as a University-owned asset, in its place. There are instances where replaced technology is retained for the purpose of class instruction, but does not operate on the network or require support by a ITS Technician.

Computer replacements for approved labs are funded by the technology fee incurred by each student based on hours enrolled for the semester, and ITS engages in efforts during the summer term to complete the planned replacement for all scheduled labs. Areas looking to add a new lab that is not included on the replacement schedule should complete the Technology Initiative form and submit the completed form to the ITS Help Desk to process the appropriate approvals required. Keep in mind that because each lab refresh is funded by the student technology fee, the lab must be an open lab made available to students in general, versus a department-specific lab with access limited to specific students, to meet the replacement schedule criteria for funding.

ITS reviews all computer labs on the SSU network prior to each semester, for software upgrades released by the vendor and made available for installation. ITS looks forward to assisting departments in ensuring the latest technologies in labs are current with the classroom instruction being offered for each semester.