Confidential Information-Data Transmission Report

This form is used to allow a department or individual to document student or employee confidential information that requires electronic transmission to an offsite location (i.e. to storage devices, servers or databases not maintained by UIS). Shawnee State offers a comprehensive definition of student, staff, or faculty information residing on University or personally-owned storage devices that is considered confidential in nature, in the UTAC-approved Conditions for Confidential Information document.

Information submitted on this form will be forwarded to UIS for the purpose of evaluating the secure transmission architecture and protocols in place for transmittal. It may also be shared with other SSU employees charged with the task of identifying SSU and its contractor's responsibility for securing transmitted data.

Submitting the requested information below for each file or database owned or managed by the department, comprised of confidential data that will be transmitted to an offsite location, ensures that UIS will evaluate the scope of transmission effort, make recommendations based on security best practices, and implement policy and/or technology to enforce security during transmission of data.

Is the Data Currently Transmitted Electronically Offsite, or is it a Proposed Transmittal
Offsite Transmittal Method
Electronic Data Format
Electronic Media Format
Data Accessibility
Security Protocol Used for Transmission
Is Shared Access to Data Currently Possible