The Tuition Payment Plan is available through a service called CashNet. You can access CashNet through your MySSU account. (Visit the Student tab, select Billing Information)

How to enroll in the Fall Payment Plan

  1. Login to MySSU
  2. Click on the Student tab
  3. On the left-hand side of the student toolbar select Billing Information
  4. Under My Account Info select Go to CASHNet
    Pay Bill Screenshot
  5. Select Enroll in Payment Plans to enroll in the Fall 2019 Payment Plan.
  6. Follow CashNet’s steps to finish enrolling in your plan

Do not make any payments through CashNet or at Shawnee State University’s Student Business Center until you are ready to enroll in CashNet’s Payment Plan.

Enrollment and Late Fees associated with the Payment Plan

  • There will be a $35 payment plan enrollment fee per term which is paid directly to CashNet (not charged to the student account)
  • A fee may be assessed for each late payment by CashNet ($10 late fee) and Shawnee State University ($35 late fee)

Payment Plan Due Dates

Payments are due the 1st Wednesday of each month by 4:30 pm.

Date Payment required If not paid when due
by 4:30 pm
Pay in full or enroll in the Payment Plan and pay 25% of your balance due $180 late payment fee will be added
by 4:30 pm
Pay the second 25% installment on your payment plan $35.00 late fee
by 4:30 pm
Pay the third 25% installment on your payment plan $35.00 late fee
by 4:30 pm
Remaining balance $35.00 late fee and Bursar Hold placed on account