Our strategic planning process involved three phases — each designed to keep us moving forward, together. Our goal was to create a plan that will go beyond a mere document, and will serve as a true roadmap for our future. We have completed our plan and are working on implementation of our developed strategies.

Phase 1

Determining Where We’re Going and Why

The first phase of our strategic planning process involved taking an in-depth look at who we are, who we serve, what's important to the people we serve, what sets us apart as an institution, and how we can best serve our clients, employees, community, region, and state — now and into the future. This phase took place from July 2015 - August 2016 and included:

  • Development of new mission, vision, and enduring values for the University.
  • Development of key strategic themes that were explored
  • Three community forums where strategic themes were discussed and feedback was provided
  • Development of targeted committees that addressed key topics and implemented short-term strategies
  • Development of a draft of strategic plan, measures of success, and goals to provide direction to all units
  • Adoption of the strategic plan by the Board of Trustees (August 2016)

Phase 2

Routing the Best Course to Reach Our Destination Together

Now that the Strategic Plan (PDF) has been developed and approved, departments are working on specific, measurable goals for their units and individuals within those units that tie into the Strategic Plan.

Phase 3

Tracking Our Progress

Phase 3 is ongoing, as we measure our success, refine strategies, and explore new paths that may help us reach our goals more quickly.