Applicants will be chosen to participate in UBMS by the program director and staff. The UBMS staff members are anxious to select students whose opportunities for academic enrichment are limited and who have the potential to benefit substantially from the educational and residential program offered by UBMS. Students interested in applying may contact the UBMS office, their high school Guidance Counselor or their In-School Coordinator.

Application and Reference Forms

Each student needs an Application form and one of either a Math or Science form filled out by the teacher.

Excused Absence Form

The Excused Absence Request Form is to be used by students who request to be excused from a regularly scheduled Upward Bound Math Science Activity because of a conflict with a school sponsored activity which cannot be rescheduled, i.e. college visit, career field trip, performance in a play, concert, athletic event, etc. In order to be considered as an excused absence it must be completed and returned by the student to UBMS before the necessary absence.