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Summer Classes at SSU

Make the most of your summer.

Whether you attend Shawnee State University through the year or are just home for the summer, register for classes during summer semester to help shorten your time to graduation, expand your world, or explore fields outside your major.

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Classes Offered this Summer

Denotes Online Course

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Fine and Performing Arts

Course Code Title Online Course
ARTH1101 Introduction to Art  
ARTH3366 Non-Western Arts Survey  
ARTS2411 Ceramics 1  
ARTS2721 Nature Drawing  
ARTS2999 Special Topics in Art  
ARTS3431 Raku Ceramics  
ARTS3553 View Camera Techniques  
ARTS4999 Special Topics in Art  
MUSI1201 Music Appreciation  
MUSI1201 Music Appreciation Online
MUSI1421 Beginning Piano  

Natural Sciences

Course Code Title Online Course
BIOL1120 Concepts in Biology  
BIOL1130 Prin. Anatomy/Physiology 1  
BIOL1131 Prin. Anatomy/Physiology 2  
BIOL3650 Pathophysiology  
BIOL3660 Neuroanatomy  
BIOL3750 Microbiology Online
BIOL3750 Microbiology  
CHEM1121 Principles of Chemistry  
GEOL1201 Physical Geol/Human Environment  
NTSC1110 Scientific Reasoning/Methodology  
NTSC3850 Ohio's Natural Heritage Online
PHYS2201 Physics 1 (Mechanics and Energy)  
PHYS2202 Physics 2 (Energy/Elec/Magnet)  
PHYS2210 Introductory Astronomy Online
PHYS2211 Calculus-Based Physics 1  
PHYS2212 Calculus-Based Physics 2  

English and Humanities

Course Code Title Online Course
ENGL1101 Discourse and Composition (A)  
ENGL1105 Composition and Argumentation  
ENGL2200 Introduction to Literature Online
HUMA2226 Studies in American Cultural History & Literature  
HUMA2227 Influential Works in Global Transnational Cultures Online
PHIL2320 Ethics in Public/Private Life  
SPAN1111 Elementary Spanish 1 Online
SPAN1112 Elementary Spanish 2 Online

Social Sciences

Course Code Title Online Course
ANTH2250 Prin of Cultural Anthropology Online
ECON2201 Principles of Microeconomics  
ECON2202 Principles of Macroeconomics  
GEOG1125 World Geography  
GEOG2201 Cultural Geography  
GEOG2225 Physical Geography  
GEOG3310 Medical Geog:Geog of Life/Death  
HIST1330 American History to 1865 Online
HIST2540 Introduction to the Middle East History, Peoples and Culture Online
HIST3410 East Asian History Online
HIST3410 East Asian History  
HIST3430 Ancient Indian Culture/Society  
HIST3430 Ancient Indian Culture/Society Online
HIST3520 History of the Crusades: The Crescent and the Cross Online
HIST4111 Legend, Myth, and Folklore  
POLS1010 Intro to Political Science Online
POLS1110 National Government Online
POLS1410 Intro to International Relations Online
POLS3220 Third World Politics Online
PSYC1101 Introduction to Psychology Online
PSYC1101 Introduction to Psychology  
PSYC2130 Child and Adolescent Psychology Online
PSYC2170 Educational Psychology  
PSYC3130 Psychology of the Adult Online
PSYC3170 History of Psychology Online
PSYC3999 Special Topics in Psychology Online
PSYC4179 Psych Study of Contemp Problems  
SOCI1101 Introduction to Sociology Online
SOCI1101 Introduction to Sociology  
SOCI2205 Current Social Problems  
SOCI2207 Introduction to Criminology  
SOCI3224 Urban Sociology  
SOCI3999 Special Topics in Sociology Online


Course Code Title Online Course
MATH1100 Mathematics Core Course  
MATH1100 Mathematics Core Course Online
MATH1170 Applied Finite Mathematics Online
MATH1200 College Algebra  
MATH1200 College Algebra Online
MATH1250 Trigonometry  
MATH2110 Calculus 1  
MATH2120 Calculus 2  
MATH2130 Calculus 3  
MATH2410 Mathematics for Elem Teachers 1  
MATH2420 Mathematics for Elem Teachers 2  
STAT1150 Principles of Statistics Online
STAT1800 Business Statistics Online

University College

Course Code Title Online Course
ENGL0096 Basic Writing 2:Paragraphs/Essay  
IDST4490 Senior Seminar  
IDST4490 Senior Seminar Online
MATH0101 Bas Alg w/Geometry & Application  
MATH0102 Intermediate Algebra/Application  
UNIV1101 Academic Development Skills  


Course Code Title Online Course
BUAC2010 Intro Financial Accounting Prin  
BUAC2030 Intro Managerial Accounting Prin  
BUAC3030 Accounting App for Mgt Decisions  
BUAC3150 Taxation 1  
BUAC3360 Systems Accounting  
BUFI3450 Management Finance Online
BUHE3000 Medical Term for Health Managers Online
BUHE3100 Orientation Health Care Systems  
BUIS1010 Computer Applications Online
BUIS4999 Special Topics Mgt Info Systems Online
BULW2700 Legal Environment of Business  
BUMG2250 Organization/Operation Small Bus Online
BUMG2900 Prof Communication/Devel Skills  
BUMG3100 Management Principles Online
BUMG3550 Quantitative Methods In Business Online
BUMG3850 Production/Operations Mgt Online
BUMG4850 Business Policy and Strategy  
BUMG4999 Special Topics in Management  
BUMK3100 Marketing Principles Online
BUMK4999 Special Topics in Marketing Online
BUOA1150 Spreadsheet Applications Online


Course Code Title Online Course
ECSE2240 Teaching Dev. Appropriate Math Pre-K-5  
EDEC3289 Tch Integ Cur/Assess for EC  
EDRE2202 Foundations of Literacy  
EDRE2204 Teach Phonics:Read, Write, Spell Online
EDRE3305 Teaching Reading in Content Area Online
EDUC2230 Educ. Media,Technology,Computers Online
SIGN1010 Introduction to Sign Language  

Engineering Technology

Course Code Title Online Course
ETCO1150 HTML Programming/Web Page Design Online

Athletic Training

Course Code Title Online Course
ATTR2300 Athlete Health Maintenance Online
ATTR3990 Therapeutic Rehab Intensive Clin Techniques and Practicum  
ATTR4990 General Medical Intensive Clin. Techniques and Practicum  

Exercise Science and Sports Management

Course Code Title Online Course
SSPE2100 Health/Nutrition Across Lifespan Online
SSPE2200 Human Nutrition Online
SSPE2350 Athletic Officiating--Football  
SSPE3600 Drugs/Substance Abuse Online

Occupational Therapy

Course Code Title Online Course
OTAT1103 Disability & Disease Processes  
OTAT2108 Occupations Thru Lifespan:Elders  
OTAT2109 Applied Anatomy and Movement  
OTAT2115 Professional Issues in OT  
OTAT2190 Prac 1:Comm/Emerging Prac Set  

Physical Therapy

Course Code Title Online Course
PTAT1113 Reg Studies in Movement/Sci. Lab  
PTAT1114 Reg Stud.s in Movement/Sci Conc.  
PTAT1155 PTA Seminar 1  


Course Code Title Online Course
AHNR1102 Medical Terminology Online
BSNR3343 Introduction to Nursing Research Online
BSNR4430 Health Care Planning and Policy and Information Management Systems Online

Current Shawnee State Students, register through MySSU

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