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For Parents

It is important that your student finds the place where they feel most comfortable to be themselves. To do this, we recommend you encourage your student to keep an open mind when considering the different fraternities and sororities and allow them to make the decision for themselves. Every fraternity and sorority at Shawnee State University provides a similar experience in terms of founding values, activities offered, and support resources.

Sororities and fraternities serve as a great resource for students academically through study hours and tutoring programs. Most have a GPA requirement for initial membership and to remain active members in the organization. These requirements are often higher than the general campus average. Organizations often regulate study hours, maintain resource files, reward those who do well, and help those experiencing difficulties.

Be supportive and learn as much as you can by asking your student questions prior to and throughout their membership. It is important that you understand the financial commitment your student is making including the cost of membership, when monies are due, how the bill is paid, etc.

Be an advocate for your student and encourage them to take advantage of all the opportunities their membership in the fraternity or sorority provides. Your awareness and education on their participation allows you to understand their experience, providing benefits for you and your student. Your student should never be asked or required to do anything that is a violation of the State, local, or Federal law and Shawnee State University's Conduct Code, or do anything that would cause them harm.

Counseling Services Available for Students and Families

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