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Semester Conversion Information

In 2007, Shawnee State University changed from a quarter system to a semester system. Semesters provide several advantages to students, faculty and staff. The semester system:

  • Provides more time for learning course material;
  • Provides an opportunity for faculty to update curricula;
  • Provides more time for summer internships;
  • Brings SSU courses in line with most textbooks which are written on the semester calendar;
  • Gives students a better chance at summer jobs because the school year ends earlier;
  • Allows graduating seniors to enter the job market earlier;
  • Reduces registration and financial aid activity from three times to two times per academic year;
  • Brings SSU’s calendar into line with the academic calendars of over 75 percent of the colleges and universities in this country;
  • Brings SSU’s calendar into line with most of the state supported universities in Ohio;
  • Allows better scheduling of off-campus learning experiences such as student teaching and clinicals;

To learn more about the semester conversion, see the Transition Guide and the Course Equivalency Document.


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