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Faculty Promotion and Tenure Resources

The 2012-2015 Shawnee State University and Shawnee Education Association Collective Bargaining Agreement establishes, for the first time, a promotion and tenure system for the University faculty. As part of this new system, each department was asked to develop criteria that their faculty will use in this process. A University-wide committee was established and was asked to review each department’s criteria and to provide resources that will help ensure consistency across the departments and programs on campus while allowing for individual differences of the disciplines represented in our Colleges.

As a result of this committee’s work, the attached resources were developed according to information found in Article 13. Tenure System, and Article 14. Promotion. The intent of this site is to provide support for a faculty’s development of promotion and tenure materials and to help guide departmental and college Promotion and Tenure Committees through the review of these materials.

The links in each section will forward users to materials for their review and/or use. Please click on the links for the desired information.

Promotion and Tenure Criteria

During academic year 2012-13, each academic department or program was asked to establish promotion and tenure review criteria. These materials were forwarded to the respective Deans and then to the Office of the Provost. A committee of department representatives was seated to review the individual sets of criteria to ensure a level of consistency in terms of rigor and application.

The committee reviewed all sets of criteria and developed the attached matrices that departments may use in the development and review process for Promotion and Tenure. Attached are not only blank matrices for each area of review: Teaching, Scholarship, and Service; but there are also examples developed by departmental representatives and reviewed by their faculty for each area. It is recommended that departments and programs use the matrix criteria while inserting the “sources of evidence” that are consistent with their academic and professional fields of study.

Each matrix is divided into three columns: Criteria, Sources of Evidence, and Assessment. The information in these three columns will guide faculty and the Promotion and Tenure Review Committee members in the development of the Promotion and Tenure Plan, in the execution of the Promotion and Tenure Progress Meeting and the Pre-Tenure and Promotion Review, and, finally, through the implementation of the Promotion and Tenure Review itself.

Blank and example matrices can be found here.

Promotion and Tenure Application and Review Timelines

Promotion Application

Promotion to Associate Professor and Tenure Timeline

Per Article 13. Tenure System, Section 3. Application and Review Timeline, the following timeline will be utilized for the application for promotion to Associate Professor and Tenure:

Application and Review Timeline Article 13. Section 3

Promotion to Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Full Professor Timeline

Per Article 14. Promotion, Section 8. Timetable Summary – Academic Year Calendar, the following timeline will be utilized for all promotion applications:

Timeline Summary – Academic Year Calendar Article 14. Section 8

Promotion Application Processing

  1. Promotion applications will be submitted to the Office of the Provost by the due date.
  2. A master list of promotion applications will be made and distributed via email to the academic deans.
  3.  The Office of the Provost will deliver the hard copy promotion applications/folders to the print shop which will scan the folders into pdf files and place them on a jump drive or disk, and return jump drive/disk and folders to the provost’s secretary. The provost’s secretary will track the processing of each folder.
  4. The college deans will provide a list of the promotion committee members to the Office of the Provost.
  5. The provost’s secretary will provide the necessary information to the OIT/Blackboard office which will set up a separate Blackboard site for each College that has promotion applicants.  The provost’s secretary will load the pdf file for each applicant.  The Provost’s Office will notify the Blackboard administrator of the promotion committee members and administrators who will be granted access to the promotion files.
  6. The Office of the Provost will arrange for the hard copy of the promotion applications (folders) to be placed in the library for committee member/administrator viewing.
  7. Promotion committee members will be notified of folder availability and will have the choice of viewing them via Blackboard, visiting the library, or both.
  8. The promotion committee work will proceed as in the past.

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