A New Vision of Growth for Shawnee State

Jeff Bauer

Dear campus community,

Over the course of our history at Shawnee State, we've faced - and met - funding challenges, growth challenges, environmental challenges, and, at times, even perception challenges.

We will again.

Today, we're at a pivotal point in our history. It's time to create a new vision for growth — one built upon student demand and the things we can do better than anyone else. We make college possible through affordable tuition, high-quality academic programs, and an open access mission. We are poised to grow – and will grow – through the immediate actions each of us take today.

Over the next few hours, days, and weeks, the executive team and I will work with faculty, staff, and leaders on an aggressive plan to:

  • Deliver a budget and reorganization plan to the Board of Trustees in October that responsibly reduces expenses by $6 million, while protecting student programs and services.

  • Develop a Strategic Enrollment Plan that includes campus-wide initiatives to meet optimal recruitment and retention targets.

  • Launch new and expanded online programs to serve the needs of post-traditional students beginning in Spring 2019.

  • Expand and maximize competitive programs in game design, business, health professions, engineering technology, and the arts and sciences.

  • Create a culture of innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship throughout campus — building upon the new SSU Innovation Hub.

  • Strengthen relationships with our community and K-12 partners who share in our commitment to the value of education and life-long learning.

It's time for us to write the next chapter in our success story — together.

We are each being called upon to do our part — to take bold action and make difficult choices. We can do it. We are a community of determined, and unapologetically strong-willed, professionals with a passion for meeting the needs of our students and a drive to helping them succeed. Together, I know we can accomplish anything.

I've been a part of many initiatives for growth at Shawnee State University over my 31-year career. Since 1987, when I became Shawnee State's first geology professor, we grew academic programs, built a campus, created student experiences, enhanced community life, and launched the careers of more than 15,000 students who earned their degrees here, including three of my own children.

I'm proud of every role I've served at Shawnee State – professor, advisor, dean, provost, parent - and now, Interim President.

I look forward to continuing to work with all of you in my new role, as we strengthen Shawnee State for generations to come.

Thank you,

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