"At SSU professors know you by your name and they are always willing to help with whatever students need. I am very happy and proud of being a student and a work-study employee at SSU!"

- Monica Sa, from Brazil pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.

"I enjoyed every day of my time at SSU. The friendly and supportive faculty and staff get to know you on a personal level and are always there for you. The classes are small and the atmosphere is very relaxed which makes studying fun and enjoyable and helps you learn a lot without stressing you out. SSU has excellent facilities and its multicultural campus is a perfect place to build true friendships and networks that stretch across countries and nations. The university offers a great support for international students.

Everyone at CIPA is concerned about you, especially its director Rita Haider who always goes above and beyond to help every international student succeed and adjust easily to the new environment. CIPA truly is a supportive family to all international students and it organizes so many fun events and activities that life is always vibrant on campus. Thanks to CIPA and the friendly school community, SSU quickly became a home away from home for me.”

– Alina Dashkevich, IREX UGRAD Exchange Student at SSU 2011-2012 Russia Chelyabinsk State University, Organizational Management, Linguistics and Translation Studies.

“I came to Shawnee State University to pursue my dream of becoming a registered nurse. I have found SSU to have easy access to faculty who are very helpful and want me to achieve. The professors go out of their way to assist me to accomplish my goals; they are very concerned from my academic success. At SSU, you are not a number, you are somebody.”

Binyaben Patel, India.

“I’m an exchange student. All officials at SSU are very friendly and always ready to help you to solve your problems. The campus is very nice and clean. I’m happy being here and I’m sure that this year will give me good experience both in my major and in student life. I think that Shawnee State University is a nice university with plenty of good people to help you with registration and advising.”

— Ahmad Irahimov (Azerbaijan)

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