Planned Upgrades

SSU Network Refresh on Schedule

In February 2013 UIS initiated efforts to upgrade the campus network infrastructure (LAN) comprised of:

  • Enhancing network capacity (bandwidth) to 10 Gigabit at IT core and academic/administrative buildings
  • Implementing Cisco VoIP telephony and Unified Collaboration services
  • Refreshing wireless access point (AP) technology and implementing Identity Services Engine (ISE) for network authentication
  • Implementing NetApp's FAS High Availability storage solution combined with a re-design of the campus network storage architecture, to expand SSU's storage capacity


The state of Ohio has invested approximately $13 million to deploy innovative technology that will expand its current broadband infrastructure from its current 10Gbps to 100Gbps. This expansion leverages the 1,850-plus miles of fiber optic network operated by The Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet), which connects to Internet2's international 100 Gbps network backbone at data hubs in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

SSU contracted with Netech – a Cisco Premier Partner for a Data/Voice/Wireless Networks, to upgrade its campus network to 10Gbps as part of its comprehensive infrastructure upgrade and WAN connection to the state's 100Gbps network. Netech is working with SSU IT to deploy a detail design for the voice, data, storage and wireless networks as an integrated upgrade plan for all networks.

About OARnet

The Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet) was created in 1987 by the Ohio Board of Regents, through legislation by the Ohio General Assembly [O.R.C., section 3333.04(V)]. OARnet was founded to provide Ohio researchers with access to the high performance computing resources of the Ohio Supercomputer Center, established in Columbus earlier that same year. In 2011, OARnet merged with the Ohio Supercomputer Center, and the Division of Student Services into a single entity called the Ohio Technology consortium (OH-TECH) [Directive 2011-023]. OARnet serves as SSU's sole ISP for internet connectivity. Oarnet's point of presence (POP) is located in the PNC bank building in Portsmouth, Ohio.


Wired Data Network

At SSU Core and Academic Buildings

The wired data network on campus is built between two data centers, each centered with the latest Cisco switching technology. The network design will provision redundant layer 3 connections between all buildings, minimizing layer 2 connections between access switches and switch stacks within each building. All layer 3 connections will be 10 Gbps, providing each building with fully-redundant 10 Gbps connections to the data center and beyond to the rest of the Internet. With this Layer 2 and Layer 3 design, any single point of failure has been removed.

Project Approach

UIS is committed to completing the planned scope of effort to specification, on schedule using the funding allocation approved by the SSU Board of Trustees in December of 2012. UIS is managing the overall effort, adhering to a strict project methodology that encapsulates all SSU resources allocated, as well as Cisco Partner - Netech's resources assigned to the project.

The current plan summary communicates completion of all four components of the infrastructure upgrade, in February of 2016. If you would like more information on this network upgrade project contact UIS.

View Plan Summary (PDF)

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