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UIS Supports Student Orientations

Orientation sessions for new students which are held throughout the year are very important events to UIS. Orientation marks the beginning of each student using SSU-supported technology and is one of the first services UIS offers to new students. Informing incoming students about the technology available to them while at SSU and how IT can support their academic endeavors allows UIS to take its first step towards helping students succeed.

UIS commits resources to each Orientation session, ensuring that technology being used is functional, and to resolve any operational issues that may arise. Additionally, A UIS Technician participates during the orientation sessions, providing a technology overview for students. UIS staff members work with the rest of the campus to assist in making Orientations successful. Specifically, UIS works to:

  • Clear each student (in Jenzabar/CARS CX) registered for orientation, so he/she can register at the event
  • Ensure there is network connectivity in the areas designated for registration
  • Enable guest wireless connectivity in student housing units designated for overnight stay
  • Provide a designated support person (Administrative Computing) during hours of orientation.
  • Provide Getting IT Going overview during student sessions
  • Ensure that Jenzabar Registration module is fully functional
  • Provide password reset/login for students needing assistance
  • Transmit student information needed to create the student’s ID card
  • Provide connectivity for student Id card readers

Within two days after each event those students who register during orientation will receive an official letter within his/her MySSU account that can be viewed from the “Official Notifications” portlet from the My Info tab. This communication is extremely important because it provides a summary of account access granted to the student, and instructions on how to login to each account.

For questions regarding the services provided by UIS during student orientations, please contact the Help Desk at (740) 351-3538.

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