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UIS Supports Faculty Orientations

Orientation sessions for new Adjunct and Full-time Faculty held in August are important events to UIS. Orientation marks the beginning of each fall semester when new faculty gets to know the campus and their cohorts. It’s also a great time to get to know SSU-supported technologies for personal and administrative use, class instruction, and is one of the first services UIS offers to new faculty each academic year. Informing faculty about the technology available to them while at SSU and how IT can support their instructional and administrative goals allows UIS to take its first technology step towards helping faculty succeed.

UIS commits resources to both the Adjunct Faculty Dinner and Faculty Administration Day events, ensuring the technology being used is functional, and to resolve any operational issues that may arise. Additionally, UIS staff participates during these orientation sessions providing a technology flyer overview (in Provost-provided packets) for each faculty member, and answering questions. And the UIS Help Desk is available with administrative access to help faculty “Get Connected” (PDF) to SSU IT on the spot.

Employees - Get Connected (PDF)

For questions regarding the services provided by UIS during faculty orientations, please contact the Help Desk at (740) 351-3538.

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