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Mission: To explore new campus-wide technologies; to seek out new technology life with planned upgrades, and new integrations with other systems. And to boldly go where no other campus IT has gone before…

Shawnee State’s Mission promotes the use of emerging technologies and emerging ideas for the purpose of Teaching and Learning, Growth and Development, and Community. There is a vested interest in enterprise technologies that are made available to students, faculty and staff to support the strategic objectives of the SSU institution. Access to these technologies is based on the user’s current role(s) at the University.

The enterprise technologies currently made available on a campus-wide basis, and supported by UIS include:


UIS evaluates enterprise technologies with key stake holders on a continuous basis to ensure that enterprise systems operate on the latest vendor release schedule, and for adding functionalities of importance to SSU. If you have questions about any of these technologies, please contact UIS.

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